How to build pages using the LSCG Web Framework:

Paragraph Types
The Drupal Paragraphs module allows site editors to design stylized pages using paragraph types.
Font Awesome Icons
Banners, Backgrounds & Galleries
Google Maps
Grids & Carousels
  • Page Reference Grids
  • Views Carousel Slider
  • Views Reference Grids
Inline Content
  • Inline Files
  • Inline Images
  • Inline Text
  • Inline Videos
Content Snippets


Site editors should be mindful to develop content which is accessible to users on their websites.

Semantic HTML
  • Heading tags allow screen readers to quickly move to main categories on page
  • Use <h1> - <h6> heading tags to lay out the hierarchy of your web page
Content Linearization
  • Screen readers read content by how it is presented in the html code, not how you see it visually in the browser
Alt Tags
  • Alt tags are used to describe an image. The alt tag gives visually impaired users a text description of the image
Evaluation Tools


UCSB Photo Services

Custom photography and UCSB photos.

UCSB Digital Asset Library