LSCG Frameworks and Themes

Fully configured Drupal 9 frameworks and themes for UCSB Campus Departments, Institutes, Research Programs and Faculty Labs.

 Drupal 9 Ready!

We use Drupal, Paragraphs layout builder and Bootstrap themes for fully responsive modern designs.

Drupal 9 Ready.
Accessibility focused.
High impact visual layouts using paragraphs layout builder.
 Build pages using a variety of banners, backgrounds, colors, layouts, and inline content.


 Tested with Site Improve and WAVE
AAA Contrast Color Palette

Version 4.2.0

Released May 2021

 Updated to Drupal 9.2.x
 New Paragraph Types
 New Slick Sliders
 Updated Themes

Included Features

The paragraph container gives the site editor the ability to build pages with variety of background colors, layouts, and inline content and media.

Paragraph Types

Big Banners
Carousel Banners
Colorbox Image Galleries
Fixed Scroll Backgrounds
Video Banners
Color Containers
Content, Content & Blocks Layouts Styles
Inline Images, Videos, Files, and Text
Google Maps
People List Reference
2, 3, 4 Column Page Reference Grids
1, 2, 3, 4 Column View Reference Grids

Background Colors

Light Grey
Medium Grey
Dark Grey

Content Syles

Content & Blocks

Inline Content

Inline Files
Inline Images
Inline Text
Inline Video


The LSCG Lab Framework comes with two starter themes Sands and Ellwood. Custom themes are available on a recharge basis.