Projects In Active Development

Updated September 2019

  1. Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies (D8)
  2. Electrical and Computer Engineering (D8)
  3. Center for BioEngineering (D8)
  4. UCSB NeuroScience (D8)
  5. Biology Undergrad (D8)
  6. Life Science Computing Group (D8)
  7. Mind and Machine Intelligence (D8)
  8. VIU Lab (D8)
  9. Quantum (D8)
  10. Quantum Foundry (D8)
  11. Carla D'antonio Lab (D8)
  12. Albada Lab (D8)
  13. The Foundations Institute (D8)
  14. Schow Lab (D8)
  15. Marchetti Lab (D8)
  16. NeuroScience (D8)

Project Schedule

List of projects in active development.