Site editors should be mindful to develop content which is accessible to users on their websites.


Semantic HTML
  • Heading tags allow screen readers to quickly move to main categories on page
  • Use <h1> - <h6> heading tags to layout the hierarchy of your web page
Content Linearization
  • Screen readers read content by how it is presented in the html code, not how you see it visually in the browser
Alt Tags
  • Alt tags are used to describe an image. The alt tag gives visually impaired users a text description of the image
Video Captioning
  • Add content
Evaluation Tools


How to build pages using the LSCG Web Framework.

Paragraph Types
The Drupal Paragraphs module allows site editors to design stylized pages using paragraph types.
Font Awesome Icons
Banners, Backgrounds & Galleries
Google Maps
Grids & Carousels
  • Page Reference Grids
  • Views Carousel Slider
  • Views Reference Grids
Inline Content
  • Inline Files
  • Inline Images
  • Inline Text
  • Inline Videos
Content Snippets


UCSB Photo Services

Custom photography and UCSB photos.

UCSB Digital Asset Library